Students in grades 5 - 8 are divided into two houses, the red house and the white house. The team of teachers plan together to meet the instructional needs of all students in the house.


1. English Language Arts  Our English Language Arts curriculum, Wit and Wisdom, is a k-8 english curriculum that brings rich, knowledge-building content into the classroom. Wit and Wisdom helps meet the expectations of the new standards while celebrating the joy of reading and writing with students. For more information on the Wit and Wisdom curriculum, please visit the Great Minds website,

2. Mathematics  Schools and district around the country are seeing continuous growth in student achievement using Eureka Math. For more information on Eureka Math, please visit the Great Minds website,

3. Science 

4. Social Studies 


  1. Art
  2. General Music 
  3. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
  4. Health


  1. Physical Education  (GRADES 5-8)
  2. RTI (Response to Intervention) Grades 5-8
  3. Exploratory Spanish and Portuguese (grade 5 and 6 only)
  4. Academic World Language, Spanish and Portuguese (grades 7 and 8 only)


  1. Band *see description
  2. Chorus *see description
  3. Orchestra *see description
  4. Response to Intervention Grades 5-8 *See description 

*Response to Intervention is a method of intervention used to determine the strengths and challenges of students at risk. It encourages early intervention through progress monitoring to help prevent academic failure, and help encourage positive behavior within our school. It is our philosophy that all children are entitled to an equal opportunity and a chance to be successful in the classroom.

 Literacy Intervention Program: The Tiverton Middle School has three tiers of Literacy intervention based upon our district-wide and Rhode Island State Literacy policies. We offer: Tier 1 - Classroom Monitor (ELA teacher monitors student within the classroom setting), Tier 2 - Academic Literacy (course taught by an ELA teacher or Reading Specialist, and Tier 3 - Direct Reading Instruction (course taught by the Reading Specialist, based upon student need. Student progress is documented in the Personal Literacy Plan (PLP), an individually focused intervention plan based upon the specific needs of each child receiving literacy services. 

Math Intervention Program: The Tiverton Middle School Math Intervention Program provides math support for students identified to have gaps in their mathematical understanding and practice. These students receive Tier 2 and Tier 3 math intervention. Students are seen in a small group setting where they are given additional support in areas they are working on in their regular classrooms so that they meet with more mathematical success on a day-to -day basis.


NEW CLASS OFFERING to all students 

English Language Arts

Grade 5 - Writers Workshop: Growth Mindset

Grade 6 - Once Upon a Time: A Fairy Tale Study

Grade 7 - Media Literacy: How Media Affects Our Perceptions

Grade 8 - Public Speaking and Debate


Grade 5 - Khan Academy

Grade 6 - Geometry  Grade 7 - Probability and Statistics Exploration Grade 8 - Math Data Displays -charts, graphs, tables


There are two offerings within the music discipline at Tiverton Middle School.


All Tiverton Middle School Students in grades 5-8 take General Music.  General Music Classes meet daily for one quarter (45 days). Grade 5 meets 4th Quarter, Grade 6 meets 1st Quarter, Grade 7 meets 2nd Quarter, and Grade 8 meets 3rd Quarter. 


Performance Ensemble classes meet during SOAR (Student Opportunity for Advancement and Remediation).  Students are allowed to choose one Performance Ensemble. Performance Ensemble choices are: band, chorus or orchestra.  Performance Ensemble classes meet 2 OR 3 times per 6 day cycle. As a member of a Performance Ensemble, you are required to attend rehearsals and performances.  Rehearsals and performances are scheduled during school, after school, and evenings. Rehearsals and performances are also part of the overall term, mid-year, and final grade for the class.  Performance Ensembles may also have the opportunity to travel to other sites for concerts, competitions and adjudications. All students enrolled in Performance Ensembles must adhere to the Performance Ensemble Handbook.

Physical Education

Physical education programs have been created to foster physical fitness, competition and teamwork, as well as to exercise the body, inspire confidence, and develop safe practices for students to follow.  Ideally, we hope to motivate students to a lifetime physical fitness program through a variety of activities.  The curriculum includes the following: obstacle courses, aerobics, ping pong, pillow polo, soccer, flag football, gymnastics, floor hockey, volleyball, softball, dance, cooperative games, fitness, parachutes, crab soccer, whiffle ball, low organized games, basketball, and the Presidential Physical Fitness Test.  For the majority of the units, students will have their choice between two activities.

The state of Rhode Island requires that each child complete 100 minutes of physical instruction and health per week.  For any permanent or lengthy excuse from participating in physical education classes, a doctor's certificate is required.  A date at which the student can resume activities would also be beneficial.  Notes from parents, guardians, and the nurse shall always be honored provided the student presents them to the instructor on the day he is to be excused. For hygienic reasons and freedom of movement, the physical education staff feels strongly that a physical education uniform should be worn by all students participating in the program.  This uniform includes the following items: stretch shorts, sweat pants, or warm-up suit (do not wear cut-offs), “T” shirt, and sneakers with white socks.  Each student is assigned a permanent gym locker and lock for which he is responsible. 

Health Education
Health Education is a comprehensive course designed to educate students in the eight content areas required by the state of RI.  Those content areas include the following: Personal Health (including the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle for overall well-being), Mental and Emotional Health, Safety and Injury Prevention (includes Bullying), Nutrition, Family Life and Sexuality, Disease Prevention and Control, Substance Use and Abuse (includes alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs), and Environmental Health. 

A parent may exempt his/her child from the "Family Life and Sexuality" and/or "Disease Prevention and Control" class(es).  The parent must submit a written request to the principal of the school.  No child so exempted shall be penalized academically by reason of such exemption.

The Tiverton Middle School Guidance Department's objective is to ensure all students will receive support with social/emotional, academic and career planning skills. We will guide students to develop appropriate social interactions, healthy self-concepts, productive work habits and career awareness. 

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